Sunday, October 9, 2011

Girl talk with Emma

Yesterday, Emma and I went outside and jumped on the trampoline together.   I generally do not get on the trampoline often because it hurts my joints to jump but I have been feeling better since the upped my chemo medicine and Emma told me that she wanted to spend time together.  We had fun playing games and jumping around.  We finally laid down on the trampoline to rest.  Keeping up with Emma on a trampoline is no small feat.  This mommy needed a little rest before we went again.  As we laid on the trampoline looking up at the sky and the big tree branches I started asking Emma questions about her life.  I asked her about school, her friends, soccer, all the things that I could think of that are important to her.  We eventually laid there in silence for a bit after I ran out of questions and then Emma turned to me and said, "I love that we could come out here and have some girl talk together Mommy."

It hit me.  How often I do talk to Emma like this?  I will be honest that the answer is hardly ever.   She is pretty much an open book so I feel like I already know everything about how she is feeling.  This moment showed me though that she wants to be asked, even at 4 years old, just like I liked to be asked about what is going on in my world.  It was a precious moment between us and I am thankful for it.  Emma is a beautiful blessing to our family.  Thank you God for giving me such a funny, joyful daughter.   I look forward to many more years of girl talks together!

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