Monday, January 30, 2012

The last day of our 5 day break!

The kids have been out of school since Thursday.  It feels like it has been longer than five days! 

Since Thursday the kids have:

  • had 3 of their favorite sibling friends over for pizza and playing
  • fought
  • played all kinds of Wii
  • painted a bird house
  • went to the gym with Mommy
  • hung out with the neighbors then returned happy and hyper from their 20 oz soda she gave them
  • watched football
  • read books
  • fought
  • played outside
  • Emma went on a date night to see Alvin and the Chipmunks movie and to Culvers
  • had church at home
  • made a cake
  • watched movies
  • screamed at each other
  • helped tidy the house (over and over because they can't help but make messes wherever they go)
  • asked for snacks...A LOT
  • had the neighbor girl over to play
  • played in a basketball game
  • had another buddy over to play
  • fought some more
  • colored
  • threw a fit because even though it is warm it is still January and no you can't swim in the pool outside
  • took a swim in the bath instead
  • played cars, legos, and blocks
  • yelled when siblings took the cars, legos, and blocks that were mentioned above
  • there is more but the days have bled together and I can no longer remember what happened on which day
I think that I will be more than ready for the kids to head back to school tomorrow.  I have quit trying to keep up with the house and will just wait until they are gone tomorrow before I try and get any real cleaning done.  We have reached the age of fighting and I am a little nervous about this summer.  I am praying that I will continue to feel well so that I can plan more activities for the kiddos to try and keep them busy.  They usually do not fight as much when they are busy...usually.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

An Emma short - It was worth a try...

Tonight, Dawson was in the bathroom getting ready to take a shower and Emma was finishing up brushing her teeth.  I was in the kitchen cleaning up after dinner.  From the kitchen I hear a yell, a laugh and an, "I'm telling mom!"  Dan is gone in North Platte so all that I am overhearing produces a big sigh from me.  Dawson comes running to the kitchen in his Darth Vader undies with water all over his chest.  He proceeds to yell at me that Emma threw a Dixie cup full of water at him.  I heave another sigh and head to the bathroom.  There is Emma waiting for me and this is the conversation that followed:

Me:  Emma, why in the world did you throw a cup of water on your brother.  You know better then that!

Emma: I wasn't throwing it at him.  I was trying to do a trick where I catch the water in my cup.  (Her big blue eye are wide and innocent.)

Me:  Really Emma?  Did you actually think that I was going to believe that one?

Emma (with that twinkle in her eye): No, but it was worth a try

Monday, January 16, 2012

Dawson lost another tooth

Our little buddy lost another tooth today.  This is the poor tooth that barely hung on after the 4 wheeler incident that took the other top tooth when Dawson was 3.  For the last month this tooth has been slowly getting more loose.  Dawson isn't a wiggler so all of his teeth hang on FOREVER!  I finally convinced him today to let me have a good try at.  He didn't want me to pull it out but the lure of a snack from Daddy was too strong.  I told him to open up and I gave it one good yank and out it came. 

A little side note about the Westfall family.  I  am the one that has to pull all the teeth.  It completely creeps Dan out and he swears that his finger are too fat.  The honor falls to me which just makes me chuckle.

Here is a picture of Dawson and his new smile

Daddy and Dawson together