Monday, January 30, 2012

The last day of our 5 day break!

The kids have been out of school since Thursday.  It feels like it has been longer than five days! 

Since Thursday the kids have:

  • had 3 of their favorite sibling friends over for pizza and playing
  • fought
  • played all kinds of Wii
  • painted a bird house
  • went to the gym with Mommy
  • hung out with the neighbors then returned happy and hyper from their 20 oz soda she gave them
  • watched football
  • read books
  • fought
  • played outside
  • Emma went on a date night to see Alvin and the Chipmunks movie and to Culvers
  • had church at home
  • made a cake
  • watched movies
  • screamed at each other
  • helped tidy the house (over and over because they can't help but make messes wherever they go)
  • asked for snacks...A LOT
  • had the neighbor girl over to play
  • played in a basketball game
  • had another buddy over to play
  • fought some more
  • colored
  • threw a fit because even though it is warm it is still January and no you can't swim in the pool outside
  • took a swim in the bath instead
  • played cars, legos, and blocks
  • yelled when siblings took the cars, legos, and blocks that were mentioned above
  • there is more but the days have bled together and I can no longer remember what happened on which day
I think that I will be more than ready for the kids to head back to school tomorrow.  I have quit trying to keep up with the house and will just wait until they are gone tomorrow before I try and get any real cleaning done.  We have reached the age of fighting and I am a little nervous about this summer.  I am praying that I will continue to feel well so that I can plan more activities for the kiddos to try and keep them busy.  They usually do not fight as much when they are busy...usually.

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