Monday, January 16, 2012

Dawson lost another tooth

Our little buddy lost another tooth today.  This is the poor tooth that barely hung on after the 4 wheeler incident that took the other top tooth when Dawson was 3.  For the last month this tooth has been slowly getting more loose.  Dawson isn't a wiggler so all of his teeth hang on FOREVER!  I finally convinced him today to let me have a good try at.  He didn't want me to pull it out but the lure of a snack from Daddy was too strong.  I told him to open up and I gave it one good yank and out it came. 

A little side note about the Westfall family.  I  am the one that has to pull all the teeth.  It completely creeps Dan out and he swears that his finger are too fat.  The honor falls to me which just makes me chuckle.

Here is a picture of Dawson and his new smile

Daddy and Dawson together

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