Friday, August 24, 2012

My 32 Bucket List

My birthday is coming up in a few days and I finally made my 32 bucket list.  I was looking over my bucket list from last year and I was able to complete almost all of my goals!  There were a few items that weren't finished but they are almost done.  For example, I have the top of my Harry Potter quilt all pieced together I just need to put the backing on it and do the binding.  I also have Aubrey's baby book all finished on Snapfish I just need to get it printed.  I even was able to get my friends together to see the first two of the Lord of the Rings movies but haven't been able to set a date for the final movie.  Getting 6 ladies to all be free on the same night takes some work!

I have enjoyed thinking of some new goals for myself.  Here they are...

1.  I would like to reread all of my favorite books that I own.  I have shelves filled with stories that I just love and I want to read them all again.  I think that this quote from CS Lewis is just perfect for me, “It is a good rule after reading a new book, never to allow yourself another new one till you have read an old one in between.”   Too often I just keep reading new book after new book.  I need to go back and enjoy those stories that I adore and not leave them on the shelf collecting dust. 

2.  I want to read through the whole Bible again.  I had read the Bible cover to cover back when I was in high school.  Since then I have just read certain books or passages.  I would like to go through the Bible again and familiarize myself with more than just my favorites verses and books.

3.  I would like to run a half marathon.  I have signed up for the Des Moines half marathon in October.  I have been training and am excited about how healthy and strong I have been feeling.  I would like to try and run the half at around 2 hours and 30 minutes.      October 21st I ran my first half marathon.  I ran it in 2 hours and 37 minutes!

4.  Pick one friend or family member a week and send note telling them how much I appreciate them. 

5.  Make a good cheesecake.  My other (2) attempts have been disappointing.  I adore cheesecake and would love to be able to make my own instead of driving all the way to the Cheesecake Factory for a delicious slice. 

6.  Go see Catching Fire at midnight opening night.  Once you are a mom often you can't go out and do these kinds of crazy things like seeing a movie on opening night.  I would love to see Catching Fire opening night.  We will see if it works out:)

Here is a photo of me completing one the items on my 31 Bucket List, a 5k!

Alright 32, I am ready for you! 
This year is going to be great:)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

First Day of School

We survived the first day of school!  Here are some fun photos of our big day:

Here is Emma next to her locker on supply drop off night.  She was so excited to drop her stuff off and see her new classroom.

After we dropped off the kids' school supplies we all went out to dinner at Texas Roadhouse.

Dawson and Dan being super silly at dinner.

Here is Emma in her "killer" dress ready for her first day of kindergarten.

Dawson on his first day of second grade and at a new school.

Dawson and Emma, together, all ready to ride the bus for the first time.  We were going to take them on the first day but they both said that they wanted to ride the bus instead.

Aubrey just hanging out and waiting for the bus with Dawson and Emma.

Daddy and Emma together.

Dan and Dawson before his big day at a new school.

The kids got all loaded up on the bus and Aubrey began to cry as it drove away.  She was sad for about 20 minutes and then I think that she realized that she got us all to herself:)

It was weird to walk back into the house with just Aubrey.  I don't even know what I am going to do with myself these days with Emma gone.  It was quiet.  So quiet that when Aubrey went down for a nap after lunch Dan and I took a nap too!  Crazy!  I am sure that tomorrow I will begin my major house cleaning.  I had basically given up this summer while the kids were home.  I think that I will also enjoy having time to just hang out and play with Aubrey.  We haven't had much time together just the two of us. 

The day went well and Emma said that the best part of her day was when she met all her new friends:)  Yay for fun new beginning!