Saturday, April 28, 2012

Emma's 5th birthday

 Emma is 5!  I have to admit that along the way I have wondered if we all would make it to her 5th birthday but here we are.  She is becoming such a spunky and fun young girl.  We had a action packed day which started off with a breakfast of her choice; cheesy eggs and bacon. 

After breakfast we left to take Dawson to school and to take Emma to Kindergarten round up.  She was so excited!  As we were walking into the school she kept asking me where her classroom was going to be and where her locker was.  She, of course, did just fine going off to the group that they had put her in.  We lucked out and her BFF from preschool ended up being in her group.  They spent the morning having a story, coloring a picture, going out for recess and even taking a tour on the school bus.  I think that riding the bus was Emma's favorite part.  While the kiddos were doing their thing we parents filled out forms and went to a couple of workshops.  I chose to go to the Parenting with Love and Logic, which I am really going to have to check that book out, and the reading and writing workshop.  Since we have gone through all of this with Dawson I know more of what to expect.  We are really hoping that Emma will be able to get Dawson's teacher.  She is such a wonderful educator.  She is great at meeting the needs of all of her students.  We also really enjoyed looping and she will be looping again.  Looping was new to us when Dawson started kindergarten.  Basically, he had the same teacher and mostly the same students for kindergarten and first grade.  It was a great experience and Emma is beyond excited to have the same experiences as Dawson.

After kindergarten round up we went home to get Emma ready for her big date with Daddy.  Dan got all dressed up and planned to take Emma on a lunch date.  They went to a fancy Italian restaurant and Emma enjoyed all the Fettuccine Alfredo she could want.  

When Dawson got out of school we picked up two friends and brought them back to our house to play.  The kids had fun making a craft, playing cars, house and even Just Dance 3!  Dan and I got in on the Just Dance action too. 

Dan picked up some pizza and we spent the rest of the evening opening gifts, chowing on cake and finally watching Emma's favorite movie; Alvin and the Chipmunks Chipwrecked.  For Emma's birthday gift this year we decided to get her a guitar.  When we were on vacation this February she just LOVED playing Uncle Wes' guitar that he had.  After she opened it she said to us that it was exactly what she wanted.  I mean, it is even pink!  All evening and all day today she has been playing and writing her own songs.  She has such an imagination for song writing.  It is just hilarious!

We had a great day celebrating our Emma. As each year passes I wonder what this new year will bring with her.  You just never know:)  Happy Birthday sweet Emma.  We love you so much!

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