Monday, December 12, 2011

Life with Timmy the Elf

We have continued to have fun with Timmy the Elf.  Here is what he has been doing this past week...

Day 9 - Timmy was holding baby Jesus and talking with the Shepherds.

Day 10 - Timmy was pretty tired after his trip to the North Pole so he snuggled down for a nap.

Day 11 - Timmy fought an epic battle against the dark side of the force.

Day 12 - Timmy sat by the fire with a good book.  Timmy loves Harry Potter too!

Day 13 - Timmy enjoyed a midnight snack.

Day 14 - Timmy hung out all day on our front door wreath welcoming everyone that came to the house.

Day 15 - Super Timmy to save the day!

Where will Timmy be tomorrow?

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