Monday, December 5, 2011

Timmy the Elf is here!

This year we have adopted the Elf on the Shelf tradition.  The kids and I have had a blast this first week with Timmy.  If you have never heard of Elf on the Shelf let me give you a brief explanation.  Santa has sent an Elf to our house and we have decided to adopted him.  The kids chose the name Timmy and each night while the kids are sleeping Timmy heads back to the North Pole to tell Santa all the wonderful (or not so wonderful) things that the kids have done that day.  When Timmy comes back he is in a different place in the house.  Each morning the first thing the kids do is run around the house trying to find Timmy.  The kids are not allowed to touch Timmy or his magic will disappear.  Dawson loves to remind anyone that comes within 5 feet of Timmy about this rule!  Here are some photos of what Timmy has been up to this week...

Here is our official adoption papers:)

Day 1 - Timmy sat on top of Emma's baby pictures that first morning with the adoption paper and a letter from Santa stuck on the wall below him.

Day 2 - Timmy was found on top of the Christmas tree with the lights on it.

Day 3 - Timmy was in the bathroom with a message from Santa written on the mirror.

Day 4 - Timmy decorated Dawson's window with red Christmas lights.

Day 5 - Timmy was pretty thirsty after his trip and so he had some milk.  He turned the milk green on accident though and to make up for the green milk he left Emma and Dawson new Christmas cups with fun straws.

Day 6 - Timmy was reading a book called Merry Christmas: Big Hungry Bear to some of the animals and dollies he has made friends with.

Day 7 - Timmy was fishing for marshmallows!

Day 8 - Timmy was so excited about all the new snow that he decided to have some fun of his own and make some snow angels too.

I have really enjoyed hearing the kids rush from their beds asking each other where Timmy is.  It cracks me up when they ask Timmy what in the world is he doing with the fishing pole or telling him how clean their teeth are.  I think that it has also been as much fun for me to think up new places for Timmy to be as it is for the kids to find him.  I look forward to continuing this new family tradition and hopefully passing the fun on to grandbabies too!

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