Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My 31 bucket list

I saw Friends the other night.  You know, the one where they all turn 30.  Phoebe cracked me up with her list of things that she wanted to do before she turned 31.  Well, 30 is coming to a close for me and I was thinking of all the things that I did this year.  I ate sushi for the first time, read over 70 books, started a blog and participated in Relay for Life.  I think that 30 wasn't a bad year but I am ready for 31!  Here are all the things I want to do this year (and for you Friends fans, no, sniper school isn't on the list):

1.  I want to finish my Harry Potter quilt (as of 8/24/12 I have the quilt top all put together.  I need to do the backing and the binding and then it will be finished!)

2.  I want to go on a fun vacation with Dan for our 10th Anniversary Completed 6/4/12

3.  I want to run a 5k (I am not sure if I will be able to do this but I will keep putting it on my list until I can) Completed 4/21/12

4.  I want to help raise $250 for Relay for Life Completed 5/29/12

5.  I will get my friends to watch all of the Lord of the Rings movies (you girls know who you are!) (as of 8/24/12 we have watched the first two of the LOTR movies.  We just need to try and get everyone back together for the final movie)

6.  I want to finish (actually start and then finish) Aubrey's baby book (as of 8/24/12 I have Aubrey's baby book all completed on Snapfish I just need to get it printed)

7.  I want to read Wurthering Heights (and actually finish it this time) Completed 12/23/11

8.  I want to remember to plant tulip bulbs before it gets too cold  Completed 9/27/11

9.  I want to make my own cookbook with all the recipes that I have

10.  I want to make Lobster Corn Chowder from my Barefoot Contessa cookbook  Completed 12/24/11

11.  I want to perfect the Lemon Meringue Pie Completed 6/10/12

31 here I come!

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