Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Emma sayings

Emma has said the following in the last few days:

"Mom, I need to take a shower.  I smell like a stinky enchilada."

Emma said, "Mom can I help you move the truck?  We could have some romance together."
I said, "Do you even know what romance means?"
Emma said, "Romance means to be romantic.
I said, "What does romantic mean?"
Emma said, "It means that we are going to be together forever Mom."

"Mom, I've got a grape popsicle, my swimming pool with water and Dugan (our dog) by me.  Life is so good."

I say, "Emma why are you crying?  What happened to your nose?"
Emma says, "I ran into Dawson's chest in the hall."
I say, "How did your nose get all scratched and hurt?"
Emma says, "It was my tortilla chip!"

Apparently, Emma had a tortilla chip in her hand and when she ran into Dawson's chest the chip somehow got between her nose and Dawson's chest.  So yes, a chip scratched her nose.

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