Friday, July 29, 2011

Fancy Nancy - Radiant Room

We finally got around to redoing Aubrey and Emma's room.  We chose a Fancy Nancy theme which is so Emma.  For those that don't know who Fancy Nancy is you can check her books out here:

We chose two different shades of purple and I found some hot pink curtains.    Fancy Nancy's favorite colors are pink and purple (or fuchsia as FN puts it) just like Emma's.  I also found a pink chandelier at Hobby Lobby that I thought the girls would love.  Heck, I almost wanted to put it in my room!  I even had a 40% off coupon so it was actually pretty reasonable. 

I found a hot pink, sparkly sign to hang up and then some picture frames for the Fancy Nancy calendar pages that someone had given to me.  The picture frames and the bonjour sign were both 50% off at Hobby Lobby which I was pretty excited about.  Fancy Nancy loves all things French.  She even named her dog Frenchie:)

This is the picture that is above Aubrey's crib on the opposite side of the room from Emma's bed.  Fancy Nancy likes to use fancy words like chauffeur instead of driver and parfaits instead of ice cream sundaes.  Emma has started calling all ice cream parfaits instead.

This is the other side of the room.  The pocket quilt that Auntie Emily made for the girls matches perfectly.  It holds all of Emma's Toy Story friends and Aubrey's board books. 

I spent a few days slowly prepping the room and then one day when Dan had a day off from work he painted the whole room.  I think that the room ended up looking spectacular (as Nancy would say) and it fits the girls' personality perfectly.  

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  1. This is adorable! I have some pink/frenchy stuff that would fit in there prefect. If you want it, they're yours! Left over from my single-girl-house days.