Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dawson's Bad Dream

Early this morning Dawson crept into our room and stood next to the bed quietly calling my name.  I think that he might have been standing there for a bit because I don't always wake up easily.  Once I finally wake up and ask him what is wrong he tells me that he has had a bad dream and wants to snuggle in with Dan and I.  Now, Dawson is a super cuddly kid.  He has been every since he was a baby.  So Dan, of course, pipes up and tells Dawson to come around the bed and crawl in next to him before I can move over to let Dawson in by me.

When we all get up and around a few hours later I ask Dawson if he remembered what his bad dream was about.  This is what he said to me.  True story.

"Mom, I was dreaming that I was in the van with Emma and she was driving.  She was driving super fast and all crazy and then we crashed into something.  It was really scary."

There you have it.  Anyone want to do some dream interpreting here?  Ha ha:)  Poor Dawson, his bad dreams are about Emma.

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