Thursday, February 9, 2012

Today is not my day

Today has not been my day.  It started about 2am when Emma crawled in bed with me because she had a bad dream.  She was adamant that she could not sleep in her own bed again so up she climbed.  I am sure that you are saying to yourself, "what is the big deal about having Emma sleep with you?"  Let me tell you that it is not a Mommy and daughter in beautiful and peaceful slumber.  I thought that this captured the night perfectly.

We ended up over sleeping and were rushing around trying to get everyone ready and out the door for school.  There may have been some tears and yelling by more than one person.  Once we are loaded in the van I push the garage door opener, yell at Emma to get her buckle on and start backing out the garage.  Enough time has passed that I can back out right?  Um, no.  The garage door pinches the top part of the van making a dent, pealing paint and poking a hole in the top of the van from a bolt on the garage door.  I am surprised that the neighbors did not hear my yell of frustration.  We were able to get Dawson to school on time but Emma was late.

Aubrey and I then left to run errands after Emma got settled at school.  To say that Aubrey had a meltdown while we were in Hobby Lobby would indicate that it was just one episode.  Nope, instead she cried, threw things from the basket onto the floor (her arms are long enough to reach), and screamed, "MINE" the whole time we were there.  You would not believe the looks I got.  You know the ones.  The look that makes you feel like the worst mother ever and want to burst into tears.

I spend all morning worrying about telling Dan about the van.  It is just so ridiculous and I much too proud for my own good.  I talk to Dan on the phone (he is in North Platte) and tell him about my van stupidity.  He, as always, is kind and gracious.  It is terribly embarrassing to have to tell him about the van though.  I hate being such a dingbat.  Although I know this won't be the last time.

On the way home from getting Dawson from school I caught Emma telling me a lie.  She was sent to her room while I tried to figure out what to do with her.  Dawson in the mean time had lost his gloves and was stomping/whining around the house trying to find something else that will work. I ended up loosing it and yelling at him to just wear my white fuzzy ones or nothing at all.  He of course starts crying because he is just like me and hates getting yelled at.  It hurts his heart and now my heart hurts because I took my frustration out on him. 

Sigh.  Sometimes the days just do not go my way.   

The kids are outside playing and Aubrey is snacking while watching a Veggie Tale.  I am taking a much needed time out.  A Caedmon's Call song has popped into my head and I remember that everything is sacred even on the days that do not go my way. 

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  1. Sounds a little like my week. Hang in there sweetie!!