Friday, March 25, 2011

Aubrey - It is going by too fast!

I can't believe that my little baby is crawling!  You know, with each child I would say that time was going by too fast.  I just felt like the kids were born but really they were walking, talking...going to kindergarten.  It's has gotten worse as each child has come along.  I am thankful that we have taken so many pictures and videos.  Dawson and Emma pulled out the videos last night and we had a blast watching and laughing together.  There were a couple videos of Emma  as a baby and I turned to Dan and said, "I can't even remember Emma that little!"

I want to try and remember Aubrey's milestones more.  I am embarrassed to say that while I basically wrote done every time that Dawson spit up poor Aubrey...I think that I have only wrote down when she got a first tooth and sat up!  So my darling Aubrey Cate, today I am remembering all the new things you have done in the last two weeks.

Aubrey got her first top tooth.  You would think that it would be one of the front two but it is not.  It is the one right next to the front teeth.  It kind of looks funny because she just has this random tooth off to the side:)

Aubrey began to crawl!  Here are pictures of her sneaking into the bathroom to check out the tub...

Aubrey ate her first spaghetti meal this week.  She loved it and of course made a huge mess!

Then this afternoon I went in to get Aubrey from her nap and she had pulled herself up to standing.  Poor thing was crying because I don't think that she knew how to get back down. 

I wanted to post this last picture because I don't get too many pictures with the kids.  It seems like I am the one always taking the pictures.  So, this picture we took this week together I especially love...

What an exciting two weeks it has been for our Aubrey!

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  1. Oh, I miss our little Aubrey! That picture of her in the bathroom looks so much like Dawson when he was a baby!