Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Magic Is Gone!

The magic is gone!  That is the funny line of the day.  We had gone to the opening of the new Panera in town and Emma left with her own purple balloon.  She immediately named the balloon Emma and began talking to it just like it was a real person.  Just as Emma and Emma were getting ready to settle down and watch a movie during quiet time tragedy struck.  The string came off Emma (balloon Emma) and that purple balloon began flying around the room and landed in a pitiful deflated heap.  You should have seen real Emma's face!  She was horror struck.  Dan and I being the sensitive parents that we are just started laughing.  I was finally able to convince Emma that I could fix it by blowing it up again.  I blew up the balloon  and retied the string to the end.  As I handed it back to Emma she gave me this disappointed look and she said, "It's not as good anymore mom.  The magic is gone."  This time I was able to keep it together and not laugh out loud but just barely.

We had some excitement this afternoon when Dawson arrived home from school.  He was so proud because he had finished his third challenge sight word card.  He has inherited my love of reading and Dawson has worked through the kindergarten, first, second and three challenge sight word cards.  It was fun to watch him run up to me when he got home and show me his completed card.  I hope that he will always love to read!  I have so many books that I can't wait to show him:)

I am taking it easy again this evening.  I may have overdone it today and now my joints are pretty painful.  I think that I need to adjust my thinking during the day.  Generally I feel that during the day I need to keep busy.  I worry that I am being lazy if I am sitting around.  There is always something that needs to be done around here!  However, I am doing too much and in the evenings I sputter out.  I end up spending the whole evening doing nothing because it hurts too much.  Tomorrow I am going to take more breaks and not feel guilty about it.  Hopefully then I won't be completely useless by dinner time!

I want to remember this last story forever.  Last night the kids and I were delivering laundry to some dear friends of ours.  My friend Jennifer's husband is battling brain cancer and we had signed up to wash their laundry.  As we were taking it back to her house I mentioned to the kids that their friend Anna wasn't feeling very well.  Dawson immediately pipped up that we should pray for her.  Let's do it right now he said.  Dawson and Emma proceeded to pray over Anna right there in the car on the way to her house.  I took the laudry in the house while the kids waited for me in the car.  As I brought in the laundry I was happy to see that Anna was perking up and feeling a little bit better.  When I came back to the car I told the kids that I had saw Anna and she was .feeling better.  Dawson exclaimed, "It's because I prayed for Anna!  God just went poof and now she is feeling better!"  It was such a joyful moment for him.  The magic was not gone!

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  1. Oh sweet Dawson! That seriously brought tears to my eyes! (I'm sure some of it is hormones!) I can't wait to see what Dawson will accomplish! I pray that he keeps his wonderful compassion, love, and his tender heart! What a sweet little boy!

    Don't be afraid to take breaks. I've totally learned that with this pregnancy. You are doing what is best. If you aren't in pain you can be a better Mommy and Wife. So take make sure you are taking those breaks! Wish I lived closer so I could help you out!