Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A book was dedicated to me

This week Dawson brought home a book that he made at school.  As he was eagerly showing it to me, he proudly announced that he had dedicated his book to me.  He was so excited to read it out loud to all of us.  He wrote and illustrated this book himself.  

If You Take Frankenstein to a Football Game by Dawson Westfall

"See Mom?  This is where I dedicated the book to you."

If you take Frankenstein to a football game

He will ask for a football.

And if you give him the football it will remind him of cotton candy.

It reminds him of a juice box.

He sees a player going on the field so he wants to too.

And when he's done he is sleepy so he dreams of football.

And when he wakes up he sees his football and chances are he wants to go to a football game.  The End.

I have put this book in his memory box.  I try and keep his fun projects and put it all in a container to save for him when he is older.  This one was especially enjoyable for me because I am such a bookworm. 

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