Saturday, November 26, 2011

Emma Story - A Song Sung in Time Out

I have included a video in this post for those that have not heard of the song that Emma sung in time out.  I am getting a little ahead of myself though.  Let's start from the beginning of this story. 

It all started at the lunch table.  We were having our leftovers from Thanksgiving.  Dawson and Emma were in a pretty silly mood and not really eating very well.  I was getting Aubrey's dinner ready and as I had my back turned I hear Dawson yell out, "Gross Emma!"  I turn around to see what is going on and Dawson proceeds to tell me that Emma had a mouth full of corn and she spit it all out at him.  Emma is staring at me with her guilty face and I tell her that she needs to go straight into time out.  With her head hanging she walks over and sits down in time out.  Dawson and I go back to our business when out of the blue I hear Emma beginning to sing.  As I listen to her I realize what she is singing.  It is a line from the movie Mulan that we rented from the library, "when will my reflection show who I am inside?"  Seriously. 

I had to quickly leave the kitchen because I was thisclose to laughing out loud and she can't hear me crack while she is supposed to be in trouble.  I am once again amazed at her ability to understand and then apply/identify those concepts to her own life.  Is she really only 4?!?

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