Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Day 7 - House Arrest

I am going stir crazy!  We are on day 7 of me only leaving the house to go to the doctor/er or to take Dawson to school.  We are on day 9 of having at least one Westfall sick. 

I remember feeling well. 
I remember the fun I had going to the gym. 

Emma has been doing fine all day.  No fevers, getting into mischief.  Standard Emma stuff.  I am thinking, "score!"  We are done here and I can get out of the house tomorrow.

I hear a cry for Dan.  Dan is in North Platte.  Hopefully he is resting so he won't get this crud.  Emma is crying in her bed.  I go to check on her and she is hot.  NO!  She is running a fever of 102.5. 
How is this even possible? 

You know that she is going to be fine in the morning. 

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