Sunday, March 25, 2012

Weekend fun and an Emma tidbit

This weekend we went out to my parents and had a great time together as a family.  On Friday night we got into town and had pizza at my brothers house, got all the kids to bed and then went to go see the Hunger Games.  Dan and I have been waiting for the movie to come out FOREVER.  I read the book first and then got my sisters to read it, then Dan and my brother read it and eventually my parents jumped on the band wagon too!  All of us adults went to the late movie and had a great time hanging out together enjoying a fantastic book come to life.  My sister in law Emily had arranged for her sister to sit with the kids while we went to the movies.  It was such a treat for us and I was so thankful that she was willing to watch all the kiddos.

We spent all day Saturday and Sunday outside soaking up the great weather.  The kids roamed around my parents land (they live on an acreage), rode bike, played on the swings, had a blast playing catch and basketball.  It was awesome and the kids were dirty and tired each night!  I am so thankful that we all live close enough that we can get together like this.  Dawson, Emma and Aubrey love playing with their cousins and I will not lie that there were tears as we drove away back home.  I think that my two favorite memories of the weekend (besides The Hunger Games) were, first, when we ate dinner on Saturday night. We had told the kids while they were sitting at the kiddie table that we needed to pray before we ate.  All the adults were at the big table and my dad was waiting for all of us to settle in before he prayed over the meal.  While he was waiting Dawson took it upon himself to pray for the kids table.  It was just precious to see him praying over the meal while his two sisters and cousin, Abby, listened and prayed along with him. 

My second favorite memory was a little story that Emma told us.  It went a little like this...

Emma: Hey, guess what?  Grandma just showed me a dead armadillo outside!  It was killed by a bald eagle. 

Me and Auntie Meghan: Oh really?

Emma: Yeah, it could kill you!  Bald eagles can kill humans.

Me and Auntie Meghan: Wow!

In walks Grandma.

Me: So Mom, I hear that you showed Emma a dead armadillo?

Grandma:  What?  It was a dead raccoon.

Auntie Meghan: Emma said that it was killed by a bald eagle. (lots of laughter)

Grandma:  Well, she asked me how the raccoon died and I told her that probably a hawk or an owl got it. 

It kind of became a joke the rest of the weekend.  Apparently, a few details got lost in translation between what Grandma told Emma and what Emma shared with us:)  It was a great weekend and I can't wait until summer when we can get together more often!

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