Friday, March 2, 2012

Emma story - Dr Seuss' birthday

Today is Dr Seuss' birthday and both of my older kiddos have been so excited for the day.  Dawson is having green eggs and ham at school and Emma is having a pajama day at her preschool.  If I had been more on the ball I could have found all kinds of great Dr Seuss ideas on pinterest to help celebrate the day.  There were some pretty cute snacks that some of my friends had pinned.  However, I have been napping in my spare time this week recovering from vacation.  So, maybe next year;)

Last night we were talking about what a fun day the kids were going to have at school and here is a little snip of the conversation between Dawson and Emma.  It was pretty darn funny!

Emma: So, who is Dr Seuss anyway?

Dawson:  Remember, he is the one that wrote the book Cat in the Hat and The Grinch.

Emma: Tomorrow is his birthday?  Is he going to come to my class?!?

Dawson: No Emma, he can't come to your class.  He isn't alive anymore.

Emma: He is going to die tomorrow?!?

Dawson : No Emma, he died a long time ago.  We are just celebrating his birthday without him.

Emma: Oh. (long pause) My bad.

There are a few things about this conversation that just crack me up.  First, Emma was all excited about her pajama day at school but she didn't even know what it was for.  Second, she really thought that Dr Seuss was going to come to her class since it was his birthday.  Then, Emma thought that we were celebrating him because he was going to die ON his birthday.  You could see on her face that this was really confusing for her.  Finally, she said, "My bad."  That is hilarious to me because I am pretty sure that Dan and I don't say My Bad .  Where did she hear that from?

Anyway, I leave you with my favorite Dr Seuss quote...

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.”

Happy Dr Seuss Day!

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  1. hahah... "My bad" might have been my bad ;)