Thursday, September 8, 2011

Dawson and too many activities?

This week we had a choice to make.  Dawson had brought home a flier about Boy Scouts.  He seemed very interested and excited about joining.  I mean the man said they would be able to shoot BB guns!  Who wouldn't want to join?  As Dan and I talked about it we kept going back and forth.  We both felt like it was something he would really enjoy and probably excel at.  However, there would be a time commitment not only for Dawson but for myself.  I felt like since I was not involved in anything else I would probably be able to make that commitment.  When we sat down to talk to Dawson about it though I was a little surprised at his response.

We talked about the different activities that he would do while at Boy Scouts.  I explained about the meetings and then examples of what he would have to do to work on getting badges/pins.  I have a friend who spent some time talking to me about Boy Scouts.  Her son has been apart of it for a couple of years and really enjoys it.  As we were talking I can see that Dawson's face was getting nervous and worried.  The sign up meeting was that night and he started getting teary as we were talking.  He decided that he didn't want to join this year. 

As I talked to him more about why he didn't want to join I think that I began to understand once again how much he is like me.  Dawson is at school from 9 am and then gets home by about 4 pm.  He has homework (not a whole lot) that he works on each night.  He plays until dinner at 6pm and then we start doing our bedtime routine by 7pm so that he is in bed by 8pm.  It is stressful and overwhelming for Dawson to have a lot on his plate.  Even having to go to activities that aren't his own (like Emma's soccer games and practices) can get to him. 

It seems like Dawson will be similar to me and probably not be able to participate in lots of activities at the same time.  Too many things overwhelm him and it only ends in tears.  It is interesting to me that too many for Dawson I know will not be too many for Emma.  They are just different personalities and we (Dan and myself) will need to remember that.  School, Wednesday night church and maybe one sport during the whole school year I think will be plenty for Dawson.  I want him to enjoy the activities that he is involved in.  I don't want him as 6 years old to feel stress about school, church etc.  I am sure that when Emma and Aubrey come along we will have to assess what it too much for them and most likely it will be very different.  That is what parenting is all about though right?  Doing what is best for each child.  Maybe as Dawson gets older he will be able to slowly add to his plate but there is no need to rush it now. 

Dawson and Emma having fun on the trampoline after school.

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