Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Let the sick season begin...

It has begun.  The virus season has hit the Westfall house.  It started last week with Emma waking up in the night vomiting everywhere.  She recovered quickly and thankfully was out only for 24 hours.  I was hoping that would be it for awhile but it was not to be. 

This morning Dawson told me that he wasn't feeling well.  He said that he had been coughing all night.  He hadn't been, our room is close by and I didn't hear a peep.  So off to school he went.  When I picked him up from school this afternoon he immediately told me that he wasn't feeling very well.  I thought maybe he is having some allergies and that is why he isn't feeling well.  We loaded up in the van and got about three blocks when I heard a cough and then the sound that no mom wants to hear, especially while inside of a car.  Dawson threw up all over his backpack and the floor of the van.  By the time I was able to pull over he was, of course, done.  I will not get into the details but it was horrific my friends.  I rolled down the windows and finished the remainder of the drive home.  Ten minutes later I pulled in our drive way and got Dawson settled in the house.  I sent Emma to the backyard so that she would stay out of my hair.  She thought that it was awesome that Dawson got sick in the van and kept trying to "help".  Once Aubrey was in her high chair with some snacks I set to cleaning out the van.  SO GROSS.  I got it done and sprayed Lysol everywhere in the van.  Thankfully Dan had some plastic gloves in the garage.  With me being so immune repressed I have to be careful when the kids get sick. 

Dawson is now laying watching Power Rangers but is so upset that he will be missing school tomorrow and can't go on his play date with his best buddy Ethan after school.  Emma is upset because Dan is gone and I don't have anyone to stay with Dawson so she is missing her soccer game.  I think that we will be watching movies this evening and then after the kids go to bed I will be scrubbing down the house.  Hopefully we can keep the sick from spreading!  I found this Baby Blues cartoon strip and it cracked me up.  I just had to share because I can't say that I haven't thought about trying it;)

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  1. We had that exact same flu last week. He had been in the church nursery Monday night. Woke up Tuesday morning to a very mopey Ethan. I was snuggling him when I heard THAT cough. Before I could register... Well, lets just say your van and I shared a common experience. An hour later he was fine! Bizarre. Hopefully it runs through quickly for you all.