Thursday, September 1, 2011

Emma sayings part 2

Emma has said the following to me this past week or so and I needed to make sure that I wrote them down so that when she has her own son or daughter that ends up being just like her...well, I'll be able to show her this.

Emma (after being sent to bed early for being naughty): Mom, why are you nicer to Aubrey then you are to me?
Me:  Emma, you are going to bed early as a consequence to your actions.  Someday when you have a little girl and when she disobeys you will have to give her consequences too.
Emma: Yeah, someday I will have to give her a big spanking just like the one I am working on right now.

Mom, you need to cut my hair in the morning.  This is just not working for me right now.

Emma has just said a naughty word right in front of Dan and I.  This is the conversation that followed.
Dan:  Emma, we do not say that word.  It is a naughty word and we don't talk like that.
Emma: Okay.
Heather: Emma, come here please.
Emma (interrupting before I can finish it):  Mom!  Dad already handled it.
Long pause while I collect myself

Emma is downstairs putting her soccer clothes in the laundry.  I am in the kitchen when I hear her crying. I meet her at the stair and this is what she says to me.

Me: Emma are you okay?  What happened?
Emma (still crying, takes a deep breath and then says):  It all began while I was downstairs...(insert long drawn out story how she pinched her finger) ...and that is what happened to my poor, poor finger.

So much mischief from such a cutie.

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