Monday, April 25, 2011

A Blessed Weekend

What a wonderful weekend.  I feel like God really blessed our family with the gift of time together.  It looked like Dan was going to have to work on Saturday evening and Sunday so Dan called in for a personal leave day.  We weren't sure if he was going to be able to use it because often around holidays you aren't allowed to your PL days.  However they let him take it!  We were pretty excited about it and decided to celebrate our Easter on Saturday because we thought for sure that Dan would get called in sometime Sunday.

We made our Easter "feast" as Emma called it.  We had all the usual foods; ham, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, braided bread, deviled eggs.  It was a fun meal together.  Emma told be that she loved all my best recipes.  After nap time we hid all the eggs in the back yard and had a fun egg hunt with the kids.  I knew that the kids would be getting more candy on Sunday so I only filled the eggs with a little bit of candy and the rest with quarters, nickles and dimes.  I think that the kids were just as excited to get the coins as they were for the candy so I think that I will do that again next year. 

Here is Dawson and Emma getting their egg hunting game faces on.

Aubrey found an egg!  She actually got it open when we were looking and was scarfing the jelly beans inside.

Later in the evening I rested inside and Dan had a campfire with the kiddos.  Emma roasted hot dogs over the fire and then strawberry marshmallows.  Emma loves campfires!

On Sunday morning we got around for church.  Dan checked the board and there were a lot of guys on it so we ended up having him home all day Sunday too!  What a blessing.  We got a pretty good family picture of all of us dressed up for church.  Aubrey wore the dress that Emma did for her first Easter.  Then I had found the same dress in Emma's size on ebay so even though I never thought that I would do it the girls matched.

Emma with her classic cheesy smile.

We had a great time at the church service.  I especially enjoyed watching the baptisms.  To me there is nothing more beautiful the watching someone be baptized.  Dawson told me all about the resurrection when we got home.  I am not sure that he understands it all yet but to see him excitedly tell me all about it was fun.  We spent Easter lunch at our neighbors house and the kids made out like bandits in the candy department.  I believe that I will be freezing some of it!  The kids played outside for the rest of the day and when they were all tucked in for the night Dan and I were able to watch a movie together.  It was a great weekend and I feel so blessed that God gave us this time together. 

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