Thursday, April 14, 2011

How big is Aubrey? She is sooo big!

Today was Aubrey's 9 month well baby visit.  She has been eating all table food and not very interested in her bottles anymore so I was anxious to talk to her doctor about that.  The nurse brought us back and they weighed/measured her before her doctor came in.  I am sure that you all will be shocked to know that she is officially a "big girl" according to the nurse.  Aubrey weighed 22 lbs and was 29.5 inches long.  To put this into the Westfall perspective, Dawson weighed 25 lbs when he was one.  Emma weighed 22lbs when she was one.  If you were wondering, I weighed 22 lbs when I was 2.

I talked to the doctor about Aubrey not wanting her bottles as much and we got the okay to start transferring her to sippy cups.  So, I think that I will start giving her formula in her sippy cup at meals and see how that goes.  Aubrey is working on three top teeth now.  Finally the top middle two teeth are coming in.  Her smile has been so funny with those random side teeth growing in first.

We had a lot of fun this past weekend with the nice weather.  Aubrey had a blast outside on the swing.  We took lots of pictures of her.  She just loves being outside with the kids and Dugan (our black lab).  Here are some recent pictures of our big girl.

I snapped this picture of Dawson reading to Aubrey in her room.

Aubrey having a blast on the swing.

Dawson loves to push Aubrey on the swing.  She just laughs and laughs even when he pushes her a little too high for Mommy's taste.

Aubrey worn out from a fun day playing outside.

Aubrey wearing a silly bow that I attempted to put in her hair.  It lasted about 5 seconds.

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  1. What great pictures Heather! She is getting so big! Although she is only 4 lbs heavier than Jonathan...and nearly 5 months older. So I guess I dont feel like she is huge. Then again my perception of normal baby size seems to be skewed a bit :)