Saturday, April 2, 2011

It wasn't me!

It wasn't me!  That is what they said as I held up my camera.  Someone had taken it outside and left it there.  It has rained and had at least an inch of snow cover it.  Needless to say the camera is toast.  You could look at the pictures that were taken but it would not take any pictures.  Now, a few days later, it doesn't even turn on at all.  As I was scrolling through the pictures I found the following as the last picture that the camera took...

I turned the camera around, showed the kids and said, "Emma, this looks like you took that picture."  She then said, "Oh yeah mom.  I forgot.  I took your camera outside on campfire night."  Now I actually believe that she forgot because two or three days had past.  Well, off to time out Emma went.  I have to be honest now, while I was frustrated because a workable camera was ruined I actually hate that camera!  The flash takes forever (like 30 seconds) and often takes blurry pictures of the kids.  I have been wanting a new one for a bit now but it seems pointless to get a new one when you have one that already works.  Anyway, after time out was over I was talking to Emma and she told me, "I am sorry Mommy that I took you camera.  I shouldn't have.  I should have used my princess camera instead.  Do you forgive me?"  I told her that I did forgive her and thank you for saying sorry.

So there it is.  The proof as to who really took the camera.  (Not that we didn't already guess.)  Sometimes though it is nice to have some visible proof;)

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