Sunday, June 26, 2011

Weekend Fun

We had a fun and busy weekend.  I started the weekend off with a bang at the Rheumatologist office.  I had a follow up appointment with my doctor to see how the methotrexate was helping.  Thankfully it has helped me a great deal without very many side effects.  I was thankful to have Dan go with me to my appointment.  He was able to meet Dr Doud for the first time and ask her some questions that he had.  We talked about my fatigue and she felt that with as tired as I have been feeling it was more of a sign that I was still in a flare then a side effect of the methotrexate.  She prescribed me a medication called Plaquenil that I will take twice a day.  She wanted to try this to see if it will help with my fatigue.  This is a relatively safe drug (in the scheme of things it is nothing compared to the other meds I am on) and she would prefer to try this in addition to the methotrexate then to have to increase my methotrexate dosage.  Dan and I had laughed on our way home how easily I took the new medication news.  I mean really, what's one more?

Friday afternoon the kids and I loaded up the van and left for Ankeny to visit my brother and sister in law.  My brother was having a surprise graduation party on Saturday.  After lots of hard work he is graduating from college.  When we got to town we stopped by Emily's salon and she cut Emma's hair.  I had tried to fix Emma's hair after the last hair cutting incident but it was starting to look like a mullet.  Emily was able to even it out and make it look pretty cute.  She also had a talk with Emma about how Auntie would be more then happy to cut her hair anytime she wanted.  She didn't need to take matters into her own hands:)  After the kids went to bed that night I got to enjoy some Emily time while Bryan "raided".  I had so much fun looking at fabric, quilting magazines and eating our favorite snack (popcorn with m&m's and Pepsi).  I wish that we didn't live so far away from each other.  Although, it does make me cherish the time we do have together all the more. 

Saturday morning came and it was raining.  We ended up having to spill the beans to Bryan about the party.  We decorated the house and got all the food ready.  We had walking tacos for everyone which was new to me.  Basically you take a small bag of Doritos and crunch it up.  Then in the bag you add the taco meat, lettuce, sour cream and salsa.  Mix it together with your fork and...there you have it, a walking taco.  Dawson had convinced some of the guys at the party to join in a game of baseball.  He had a blast playing baseball with Uncle Bryan and all of his buddies.  That night at bed time Dawson thanked God for having such a fun time playing baseball with the guys.  It was sweet.  As a graduation present Emily had Dan make a Huskers bags set.  The kids actually helped Dan build and paint it.  We pulled them out at the graduation party and had fun trying it out.  FYI, Dawson is way better at bags then I am:)

Aubrey watching everyone playing games.

Bryan and Dad in the middle of a heated game.

Emma giving Papa a high-five

Emma painting.  Do you notice that Dan had her paint the inside:)

She was so proud of her work.

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