Saturday, June 4, 2011

Summer vacation is here

Summer vacation is here and to start it off we watched one of our favorite shows, Phineas and Ferb.  What a great way to kick off our summer break by watching two boys build a roller coaster in their backyard!  Now this week we did not build a rocket or give a monkey a shower but the kids did drive each other insane if they weren't kept busy.  I think that we have reached that stage with the kids that they really get on each others nerves.  I think that Emma and Dawson were kept so busy with school that they forgot how to just hang out at home.  So, we have had a little adjusting time.  I tried to keep them busy which cut down on the bickering.

We joined a private pool this year and it opened last weekend.  We have gone three times this week and would have gone more if it were up to Emma.  Basically she wakes up and puts on her swimming suit and it ready to go to the pool.  It is a long wait, poor girl, from 6:30 am when she wakes up to 12 pm when the pool opens.  Aubrey has also had a blast at the pool.  We got her a baby floater so that I can keep her with me in the big pool and still keep an eye on Dawson and Emma.  The kids are jumping off the diving board and having a great time.

Dawson had his first tball game this week.  He had been talking about it for a week.  I was so thankful that Dan was able to make it to the first one.  It was really important to Dawson that Dan be able to come and it worked out perfect.  Dan was there and he even helped a bit at the game.  He got called to work at the very end of the game.  Here are a few pictures of our buddy having a blast.

Here is Dawson so excited to leave for his first tball game.

Dawson played first base for an inning.  Dan was helping as the first base coach.  Mostly that meant he had to show the kids where second base was:)

Dawson getting ready to bat.

Aubrey relaxing and watching the game.  She had fun clapping her hands and cheering for brother.

We also went to the zoo this week.  It is such a blessing to have the Omaha Zoo so close.  We packed up a lunch and spent the afternoon walking around.  This year they have added more tables to eat at, more food at the snack bars and they added two playground sets by the sea lions.  The kids had a blast taking some time to rest from walking to play on the playgrounds.  What a great addition!  We went into the desert dome first and after walking around we went down below and saw all the night creatures.  We had to walk quickly past the bats because Emma was really scared of them.  Then when we walked to the swamp area Dawson began telling us all about the "crocs".  Apparently someone has been watching Swamp People with Dad:)  We also had to stop and feed all the fish.  The koi pond is the place that we have to go to every time we come to the zoo.  Aubrey ended up falling asleep towards the end.  Everyone was pretty worn out from walking all around the zoo.  Mommy included.

Dawson in the Desert Dome.

The kids feeding the fish.

The koi fish fighting for a snack.

Aubrey kicking back in her stroller.

We finished up the week with our Mops and Pops bbq at our friends farm.  It was great to get together with my Mops friends and their families.  The kiddos had so much fun running all around the farm and playing with their friends.  We had a great week and I was able to pretty much keep up with the kids.  Although, I did learn that I need to make sure I have got a good sunscreen on.  I can't wait for next week!  Dawson has Jedi camp all next week, we have a couple of play dates at the park, tball practice and a game and then I have ladies bible study at our house on Friday morning.  Gotta keep them too busy to get in trouble:)

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